Customizing our award winning bins with your logo or message is a highly effective way to enhance your facility and communicate your message.

Here are two Great ways to do this!

  1. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to customize a bin.
  2. We will provide templates that you or your agency can populate with your art.

Below are some examples of how these bins can be graphically enhanced.

As with any print process the price is relative to the following:

       • Quantity to be produced.

Minimums apply as follows:
Megabin, Hexcycle, A-Bin, Wedgecycle, Slimcycle, Paper Taker Too
Cell phone and Printer Cartridge Tech Bins
Steelcycle, Steel Hexcycle, Evolution, Wood Squarecycle
Large Steel Collection Bin
If your order does not meet these minimum requirements we suggest you purchase the stock design of your choice and work with a local sign shop. In most cases these shops can provide a very effective service and will enable you to realize your goal.

Other considerations to be aware of that will affect the price:

  1. Sections of the bin to be printed ie: Sides, Lid, Access Flap etc.
  2. Complexity of the art/logo. The number of colors required.
  3. Amount of print coverage required.
  4. Another great customization method is to add your art to the unprinted sections of our existing bins. In all cases the higher the resolution of the original art the better the result. Typically a minimum of 150 dpi at half size will work well. If you have questions about this please send over your logo and we’ll let you know if it’s sufficient. This can be sent to

Please keep in mind we will work with you to provide a layout with your graphics however we do not create original artwork.

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Customer Product Reviews

  • "They've been great, we are ordering more, simplifying and increasing our recycling because it increases the awareness, the beautiful part is that it makes it easy, especially with the deposit openings, you can mix it up."
    Alex Seriakov, Unilever

  • "These recycling Bins are working out great for us. We use these units at a high school and despite the wear and tear they receive from students, the bins are very sturdy and have definitely met our expectations."
    Ryan Douma, Somerville High School

  • "We recycle paper and cans/bottles so the 2 bin system is ideal for our recycling requirements. I also love how the bins always stay organized and in place, it really enhances our campus image, Great job on the design!"
    Carmelita Foster, Dillard University

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Our Products

  • No middleman, deal directly with the designers and manufacturers.
  • Self closing lid does not attract bees, and other insects.
  • Distinctive design is representative of recyclables only and is not easily confused with ordinary trash.
  • No fading - Use outdoors without any fade from the sun or damage from water.
  • Inexpensive to ship as the bins fold flat and then easily form into structurally sound containers.
  • Extremely durable, this polymer provides the right amount of give so as to not crack upon sudden impact.
  • Full Color Graphics on many of our bins increase your recycling rates.
  • Aesthetically pleasing bin which is more likely to be used as it stays very clean and appealing.
  • Made of Recycled and Recyclable plastic.
  • Custom printing available.