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Recyclingbin.com is the industry leader in Factory Direct recycling bins. We are committed to providing recycling bins and collection solutions that will enhance your facility indoors or out, which are environmentally sensitive, intelligently designed, and sustainably manufactured.

What's New

Hexcycle® & Megabin® Indicator Signs
Make it easy for everyone! These eye level signs for Megabins are guaranteed to take the guess work out of collections.

Hexcycle® Max
A Patented hybrid that will provide exceptional performance and sustainability for your collection program.

The Heritage Series™
Solid, weather resistant, durable wood with a long lasting finish. Includes liner and recycled plastic base.

About Our Recycling Bins

Recyclingbin.com is committed to providing the best designs, graphics and materials in order to save your company or facility money and efficiently recycle and sort waste. Our commercial recycling bins, trash containers and donation bins are all created to make life easier for everyone involved in the collection process. Our lightweight units are easy to handle, pack flat and ship inexpensively directly to your facility. Our high end containers ship assembled and are all created to be used as standalone bins or in sets as multi-sort collectors. All of our recycling and trash bins are recyclable and can be custom printed with your messaging and/or logo.

A vast variety of lid openings and identifiers enable your recycling efforts and trash separation in commercial areas to be clearly understood, hence limiting contamination and reducing landfill. Whether you are collecting clothing, or recycling e- waste, cans, bottles, paper, plastic bags, or compost we have the solution. Here you will find temporary/event recycling containers, permanent high end recycling solutions, and Hybrid recycling and trash systems that will answer all of your multi-sort collection requirements. We look forward to providing you with the proper bins for your requirements and appreciate you visiting our site.

The Benefits of Our Recycling Bins

  • Recycled recycling BinsRecycled- All our bins are made with recycled content.
  • Recyclable REcycling BinsRecyclable- All of our products are 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally ResponsibleEco-Friendly- Packaging is produced from 100% recycled content.
  • fuel efficient recycling binsFuel Savertm- We engineer our products to ship flat to minimize environmental impact.
  • Made in America Recycling BinsMade in the USA - Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
  • Factory Direct recycling BinsManufactured and shipped directly from our facilities saving you money and the environment from the added pollution.
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Sustainability at Recyclingbin.com

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Lowest Cost Per Gallon

Event Recycling Station
A Low Labor, Highly Visible 3-sided Collection Medium for Outdoor Events.

Temporary Recycling & Waste Collection Bins

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Customer Product Reviews

  • "We are very pleased with the recycling containers provided by RecyclingBin.com.  We purchased over 75 sets with base stations and they are very aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to spot, and add a nice organized touch to a production environment..."
    Gerald Strand

  • "The units themselves are easy to put together and very sturdy. I particularly like the slim design because the bins do not stick and we can place them in spots near copiers where a larger unit would not fit."
    Nadine Mazienis, Keep Monroe County Beautiful

  • "We primarily use it for special events like football games and other sporting events. The units are mobile enough where we can transport with ease. The MegaBin has exceeded my expectations."
    Terry Little, East Carolina State University

  • "The bins have played a large part in our recycling success on campus.  The material is very sturdy and durable, and the handles make it easy to transport the bins from one location to another."
    Wally Nava, Recycling Coordinator, The Citadel

  • We are very pleased with the quality of the units...and the outstanding graphics. It has helped us sell our GREEN INITIATIVE...recycling program on the Zoo grounds.
    Peter O'Connell, Milwaukee Zoo

  • The WedgeCycle Bin looks great and works fantastic. I have placed this unit in my hotel about a year ago, and it is very durable and hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear.
    Everett Robert, Quality Inn

  • "One amazing aspect of the kiosk is that it can serve as a great marketing tool while also helping to increase recycling rates, it certainly exceeded our expectations"
    Event Kiosk
    Jessica Rigal, Eco Action Network

  • The bins have worked out great. We use them for the State Farm territorial food drive and they really grab people's attention. We use the unit with the Wheel Set which allows us to move the bins easily. Smart design!
    Sam Rubens, AdSport

  • "They've been great, we are ordering more, simplifying and increasing our recycling because it increases the awareness, the beautiful part is that it makes it easy, especially with the deposit openings, you can mix it up."
    Alex Seriakov, Unilever

  • "These recycling Bins are working out great for us. We use these units at a high school and despite the wear and tear they receive from students, the bins are very sturdy and have definitely met our expectations."
    Ryan Douma, Somerville High School

  • "We recycle paper and cans/bottles so the 2 bin system is ideal for our recycling requirements. I also love how the bins always stay organized and in place, it really enhances our campus image, Great job on the design!"
    Carmelita Foster, Dillard University

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Our Products

  • No middleman, deal directly with the designers and manufacturers.
  • Self closing lid does not attract bees, and other insects.
  • Distinctive design is representative of recyclables only and is not easily confused with ordinary trash.
  • No fading - Use outdoors without any fade from the sun or damage from water.
  • Inexpensive to ship as the bins fold flat and then easily form into structurally sound containers.
  • Extremely durable, this polymer provides the right amount of give so as to not crack upon sudden impact.
  • Full Color Graphics on many of our bins increase your recycling rates.
  • Aesthetically pleasing bin which is more likely to be used as it stays very clean and appealing.
  • Made of Recycled and Recyclable plastic.
  • Custom printing available.

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