Coastal Recycling Bin Max

Coastal Bin Max Can & Bottle No Touch Lid
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The Coastal Bin MAX  

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Size: 17.5" x 17.5" x 40" H
Weight: 19 lbs
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Gallons: 34
Capacity: 120 - .5 liter water bottles
Material: Galvanized Steel, Heavy Duty, Lightweight Twin-Wall Polypropylene Plastic
Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days


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Square Bottle, Can, Paper, Single Stream Recycling Bin, Multi-Sort Recycle Container | Coastal Bin 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 1 user reviews.

You Build a Great Product!
I own 9 franchise gyms, and am so proud, and stand behind your product. The new designed Coastal Bin Max with the steel frame is perfect for our busiest locations, but even the traditional Coastal Bins have held up perfectly for the past 5 years. should be on the purchasing list of our corporate buyers for recycling bins. Your bins are far superior to the ones that corporate currently purchases. Your bins actually signify recycling, and keeps our clients from depositing trash into them which is a huge hassle. The graphics are also amazing.
25-Sep-2015Steve E.Gym Owner, RI & MA
Ease of Use5
Value for Money5