At the office, we organize our electronic emails in folders and manually file our papers in the proper file cabinets. These “go to locations” enable us to readily access our work and to perform our jobs efficiently. To effectively design a company’s recycling and waste collection system, thoughtful organization is a must too.

A well-organized recycling and waste collection program is easy to manage and convenient to use.  The more versatile the system, the more adaptable and feasible it is for long-term use.  The program’s venue and the type of materials to be collected determine the most suitable system for the job. Functional properties such as bin capacity, deposit lid options, and labelling capabilities ensure items are collected properly.  Aesthetic features like novel design, color choices, and custom graphics create visual interest.  Proper functionality and aesthetic design serve to promote enthusiasm and a positive mindset toward the endeavor.

For general office and facilities collection, the proven A-Bin TM by is now available as the Dual A-Bin TM  Station offering the versatility many recycling coordinators seek.

Dual A-Bin Recycling/Trash Collection System
Convenient, Attractive Recycling and Waste Collection

The Dual A-Bin Station TM  comes standard with a 34 gallon Blue Single-Stream Bin (Can/Bottle & Paper) and a 34 gallon Brown Large Opening Bin (Trash or Compost) nested together in a durable, organizing  “Place Keeper TM frame.




For retailers, the A-Bin TM Plastic Bag RecyclerTM along with the Trash Bin offer convenient plastic bag recycling and trash disposal for customers.

Photo of an A-Bin Plastic Bag Recycling Bin and an A-Bin Trash Bin nested in a Placekeeper Frame to create a waste collection system
Convenient Plastic Bag Recycling and Trash Collection for Retail Outlets

This hardworking collector is also available with a Dual Deposit Lid Option allowing item deposit from both sides of the bin. When used with two bag liners secured by specialized slits inside the bin, two distinct types of recyclables can be collected in just one bin! With 63 possible deposit lid combinations to choose from, the Dual A-Bin Station TM collects recyclables and waste the way your program requires. And, if the type of items you collect ever changes, you only need to order a new lid!

Photo of 1 bin with two deposit slots and two distinct bag liners inside bin to separate collections
Get 2 Bins in 1 with a Dual Lid

To ensure items are properly deposited, each bin comes with an ample assortment of water-resistant, adhesive labels to provide clear identification of recyclable or waste type.

Photo of label sheet that comes with bin
Each bin comes with an adhesive vinyl label sheet with ample identification labels


The Dual A-Bin TM Station is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from UV inhibited polypropylene plastic, the bins resist the fading of the sun and do not crack in the harshness of the cold. To facilitate collecting, Custom Fit Color Coordinating Liners are available in 50 count and 250 count quantities.


The look of the Dual A-Bin TM Station is versatile too. Spark curiosity and add beauty to your collection program by adding a theme inspired A-Bin TM like the Nature Bin RecyclerTM to the Dual A-BinTM system.

Nature themed A-Bin and Brown A-Bin Trash Bin nested in a Place Keeper Frame
Nature inspired Dual-A-Bin TM system with the Nature Bin Recycler TM

Why not spread the theme across the entire system by using two themed bins? The Earth Bin Recycler is a proven, eco-conscious choice. With 4 standard themes to choose from, makes it easy to “up the aesthetic” appeal of your collection program.



Photo of Two Earth Bin Recyclers together in a Place Keeper Frame. One bin hs a paper flap lid and one ibn has a can and bottle flap lid.
Eye-catching Earth Bin Recycler TM as Dual A-Bin System TM

The degree of customization of this unique recycling and waste collection system is up to you. Send us your graphics and photography and we can create the Dual A-Bin TM Station of your dreams! Imagine, with an interstellar theme, not even the sky is the limit!

Placement of the Dual A-Bin TM Station is versatile too. With single deposit lids, position the system up against a wall for convenient space-hugging collection. With dual deposit lids easily create a center aisle collection station.  However, the system is positioned, users will remember where to go to deposit their items and custodians will remember where the bins belong. For custom graphic programs, each bin front offers over 10 square feet of image/advertising space; this two bin system positioned as an aisle unit brings over 50 square feet of logo and messaging space. Because the entire unit packs flat for shipping, it is economically, drop shippable to multiple locations. Try the standard Dual A-Bin TM Station or Call 800-910-4757 to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your specific program needs.

Happy Recycling and Waste Collecting!

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Tip of the Week

Just as it is important for all of us to recycle plastics, it is also important for us to support companies that make plastic goods from recycled plastic. When purchasing a product made from plastic, confirm it contains recycled plastic content. Our purchases help to promote recycling too. -R.G.